Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Beer or not to Beer?

Quick follow up on the beer rinse from this Monday!

Hair took a little while to dry (it's bra strap length and curly), which isn't unusual. Upon drying, it felt crinkly and looked shiny, as though I'd put gel in my hair (not necessarily naturally shiny). It wound up not smelling like beer once dry, which is fantastic!

After brushing my hair out a bit and playing with it, it lost some of the stiff  feeling. I left my hair to stew overnight and yesterday it actually felt a little greasy! Perhaps the beer was a tad too moisturizing or left some gunk on my hair. Either way, my normally curly (never greasy) hair looked like I'd come back from a salon that likes to use pomade. Interesting. Luckily braided pigtails worked out fine...

Overall? I don't think I'd do this again. This might work for someone with dry or straight hair, couldn't tell ya. Seems like I'll have to stick to throwing out the beers Mr. Rainbow doesn't finish...what a waste (T_T)

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