Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Sailor Moon! Currently re/watching the entire series - Sailor Uranus & Neptune are finally here!

New ear piercings. There was recently a Groupon in my area for 1/2 off piercings at an amazing piercing/tattoo studio, which was the final push I needed to get my 2nd ear piercings.

Fermenting. Right now I've got about 5 'experiments' going on in the kitchen and received my copy of Wild Fermentation in the mail last Friday. Yay!

Watching Life is Beautiful with friends while eating the slow cooker jambalaya he made! Nom.

My collection of footie pajamas. For the past few years, my family has gotten me a pair or two from the children's section at Target. 6 and counting!

Spending all morning cuddling with my partner and our two cats, Magic & Captain.

The new My Little Pony series - Friendship is Magic. I love the original and held out for a while. It is ridiculously cute though and it's done by Lauren Faust. My resistance didn't last long.

Have a wonderful Thursday! Off to eat the giant primal/paleo meatloaf I made (^_^)

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