About this blog: Current interests are eating real foods (from a paleo/primal perspective), crafts, cute things and fun fashions.

About Me:
Professionally, I'm an Admin Assistant glorified receptionist at a private counseling center/Batterer's Intervention Program. I've volunteered at a sex-positive culture center in the past & generally enjoy learning as much as possible outside of school. This includes self-experimentation with food, ways of eating and various crafts.

Personally, I'm an ENFP with the attention span to prove it. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest the entirety of my 22 years and am currently residing in Portland, OR with my partner & our two cats, Magic & Captain.

Name: Sarah
Nickname: Little Rainbow (an affinity for rainbow socks/nail polish)
Age: 22
Birthday: July 29th
Location: Portland, OR
Job: Admin Assistant
Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Rainbow