Monday, February 28, 2011

I Smell Like A Frat Party

Beer, coconut oil & leftover perfume from last night.

Sounds like I had a wild weekend, right? Actually, I spent the entire thing indoors doing taxes & helping Mr. Rainbow recover from a tough work week.
Mr. R's Brew of Choice
The reason for my hair smelling so delicious? A beer rinse this morning, a little perfume from trying to cover up the fact that I'd spent all weekend in PJ's when we went running on an errand last night, coconut oil from drenching the ends of my hair in it to condition it before sleeping.

This morning I decided to use the beer Mr. Rainbow didn't finish from Friday to try out a beer rinse! I'm on a journey to grow my hair out long in a nice, healthy way, and since it's curly it needs some tender, loving care. I just massaged my scalp and hair with the warm, flat beer & rinsed it out. Hopefully the slight beer tang will leave before I get to work! I'll update later with how it works out.

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